Holliday Family of Berkhamsted

Extract from email from Robb Gorr 13 September 2020:

‘You mention that the shop on Holliday Street was begun by James Holliday’s brother John Holliday. Since James was a bastard he had no siblings named Holliday, only Saunders (the children of his mother from her marriage). John Holliday (1785-1859) was actually James’ first cousin, a son of William & Susannah Holliday of Northchurch and later Berkhamsted, who was apprenticed to a wheelwright at age 16 in 1802. John’s coach building, painting and repair business passed down through several generations of that family, all wheelwrights, and eventually became a bicycle shop around 1890. The “Hollliday brothers” were John’s great-grandsons Thomas Campian Holliday (1881-1970), Henry Charles Holliday (1884-1947) and Herbert George Holliday (1890-1970), the fourth generation in the business and later referred to as “sports specialists”.

Best wishes.